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On losing our beloved stage and opportunities for live interactions, some of us clown artists in India and the US decided to try out the online platforms to improvise, devise and collaborate. what you see is an online improvisation that came out of this collaboration.

Dates changed! starting from 15th August. Your Inner clown is that active and spontaneous, yet vulnerable and mind-full part of you that gives your most authentic self the license to show up and be, without any fears and judgements. It opens up your creativity and helps you flow through possibilities.

आपका आंतरिक मसख़रा वह सक्रिय और सहज हिस्सा है जो आपके सबसे प्रामाणिक स्व को बिना किसी भय के दिखाने और होने का लाइसेंस देता है। यह आपकी रचनात्मकता को खोलता है और आपको संभावनाओं के माध्यम से प्रवाहित करने में मदद करता है।


Cost: ₹3500, Scholarships available

No previous experience in theatre or clowning required.

Read more about the clown here. Registration closed

Is it time to look at new or more possibilities in our lives and the world? Would you like to do that through play and your body’s wisdom rather than just the intellect? Would you like to invite magic through gentleness, consciousness and intent? Does all this sound silly to you? Then join us!


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