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We are facilitators, artists and experience builders. We create opportunities for re-connections, learning and dialogue. We believe that there are ways of learning, working and being which are co-operative, engaging and inclusive and Purple Mangoes is an effort to create such opportunities more available. We do this in four ways:

Purple Mangoes Facilitators


Sukhmani Kohli has been engaged with theatre for 18 years and been working as a facilitator and trainer for 11 years. Currently, along with teaching theatre to young people, she performs as a clown and also teaches the sacred art of Red Nose Clowning. As a facilitator, she uses the wisdom of theatre and clowning, to help people discover and accept who they really are and to learn to play again without inhibitions. She is also trained in working with facilitation tools from Art of Hosting, Interplay, Empathetic facilitation, etc to hold safe spaces for people to help them self-reflect and discover newer ways of being and working together. Her work involves a fine balance of process work like self discovery, group work, mind-body-spirit exploration and skills like storytelling, body work, communication, stage presence and improvisation.

She is a co-founder of Purple Mangoes and Yes! India Youth Jam.


Vibhuti is a natural learner at heart. Loves to follow her curiosity and dives deep into whatever captures her creativity and energy. She has found a deep passion in clowning and loves to be her authentic self with the red nose. She is exploring other methods and ways to express herself more. In her usual days, she travels for work. Is a freelance facilitator and designs various programs related to alternative learning and un-learning. She also loves to travel because she gets to eat amazing new food and hear lots of stories. Shifting from a urban based,outward looking life to a simple inwards looking life in the hills is what is on her mind presently.

Vibhuti freelances with many organisations as a facilitator and Purple Mangoes is one of them.


Wishall Sing works on zero waste life in Udaipur and is also been associated with Shikshantar, Thanal, and ELOS Institute. He is a upcycle Designer and he likes to share all his talent and love that he has in his bag of arts and crafts with the world. He has been taking travellers, architects, NGOs and students for wisdom walks since the past 10 years on Udaipur's beautiful streets and has an ocean of stories inside him. He has also been awarded as Udaipur Green Hero, Green Mewar, and was a mentor on the NDTV show, Green Champion. He likes to travel, sing, and dance and make bad jokes. He facilitates safe spaces for artists-activists through the India Arts for Social Change Jams.


Wishall is a facilitator with Purple Mangoes and is one of the founding members of ECO HUT, a shop provides healthy, sustainable alternatives for a sustainable lifestyle. He lives in 350 year old Havali.

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