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Sacred Clown/ Clownversity

The art of clowning is not about wearing a big hat or shoes and painting our face white. It is about being our honest, vulnerable selves without any masks and façades we put up for the world.


The red nose of the clown is the smallest mask that unmasks. It gives us the license to just be, without the fear of judgement, without the need to 'fit in', without inhibitions. It liberates us and allows us to be who we wish to be in that very moment, ever present and aware.


The Clown is also a physical being, expressing most abundantly, with complete abandonment, with her body, face, sounds and silence. With clowning we connect with and learn more about our body and its wisdom, the ways in which it communicates. The clown is a spontaneous storyteller, a master of creating magical stories out of nothing.

"After twenty three years of working on the question, I feel that the clown is a space. At first it seemed like a place where one looked for laughter, but now I feel it's a place where one allows oneself to be, without fear, without trying to prove anything to anyone. And from this place one is able to mobilize those who are watching." -Wendy Ramos, Peru

How can you experience clowning with us:


In the workshop we play, move, emote, express, improvise comedy and stories, slow down and just breathe, and play with sounds and props.

We teach these workshops in schools, colleges, corporations, organisations; to working professionals, actors, artists, mothers, fathers, sisters, pets and anyone who would have us.

This workshop requires no previous experience in performance arts or any art for that matter. It is for anyone who wishes to discover a new part of themselves and connect with their body. If you want to pause, take some time out for yourself, play, giggle yourself silly, look within and at the same time learn to create comedy and stories ON THE SPOT, this workshop is for you.

Clown Shows:

We perform for social campaigns, schools, colleges, organisations, birthday parties and theatre festivals; on stages, streets, slums, hospitals, markets, backyards, rooftops and in your hearts.

Some of our shows are:

  • Ferdinand the Clown Bull

  • The Juicy Genius of Play

  • Atkal Pachhu

  • Romeo Juliet and Seven Clowns

Please call +919650118376 or email for more information and bookings.

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