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A 4 day clown intensive in Udaipur.png
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In-person | 6hrs a day

Discover your trickster/ clown/ crazy | Arts background not required

5th March to 8th March, 2022

Accommodation available


Basic tuition for workshop is Rs 4000. Limited scholarships and low cost accommodation available. Email us at to book your spot and a scholarship, if needed. or call at +91 9650118376

Read more about our work with clowning here

In a post covid world, we want to keep everyone’s safety in mind during the workshop. Since this workshop is active and physical, it will be difficult to maintain the required social distance all the time. So we ask that:

If you have been vaccinated or not been vaccinated, please bring your negative RT-PCR report upon arrival.


If you have any concerns, please reach out to us

Here's what past participants Say

"I joined the course with zero expectations and it turned out to be one of the most memorable experiences for me. Life had become very mundane due to lockdown, but the various activities and exploring the clown within ourselves was stupendously cathartic. I felt I have found a space where I can just be myself and this course has given me the ability to shed the weight of all thoughts, duties and seriousness of daily life and just be happy!"

Manmeet Singh, 26, Business Analyst

"It was fun, insightful and very enjoyable to let go of our everyday masks, inhibitions and roles to "play" and meet the inner clown. It is such an essential, forgotten part of each of us.

I recommend this workshop to help you reconnect with it. Such an enjoyable way of self discovery!"

Rohini Singh, Facilitator-Healer-Trainer

"The clown workshop was a training in unmasking at the time when masks are mandatory. It was the most effortless and fun way to tap into the present moment. It was one of the most profound workshop I have ever attended."

Gauri Sachdev, Artist

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