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Imagine a corner at a festival or a fair where people get to play unusual but fun games, laugh and giggle, and maybe, after a long time drop their barriers and just play. Or a place where they get to tell or read or hear real stories or tell about their favourite spot in the city, where they get to have an honest, transformative conversation with a stranger. Or a journey through a city they think they know but discover amazing new stories, spots and people from it. All these and so much more and the kind of experiences we can design.

We design and facilitate experiential processes that enable people to feel free to be their true self and celebrate themselves and their stories. These sensitive, inclusive  and sometimes really fun and mostly innovative experiences can be theme or skill specific (for example, Gender, Identity, Theatre and clowning, art of facilitation, social change) and are in the form of workshops, learning journeys, public space interventions, festivals, performances and play spaces for children and adults. We have worked with children, young adults, teachers, young professionals, seniors, differently- abled, and artists.


We offer workshops in:

  • Theatre and Clowning

  • Art and Design Thinking

  • Up-cycling/Kabaad se Jugaad/Zero Waste Lifestyle

  • Puppetry and Puppet making

  • Storytelling

  • Community Media/ Film Making

We would not like to limit ourselves only to the above mentioned modules. If you feel your need is for a bit more than these, do write in and we'll take the conversation forward. We do not use the same design for everyone since we understand that everyone's needs and exposures are different. The design is created after many conversations and deliberations with you, collaboratively. 


Going the distance-learning journeys

Learning journeys are all about opening ourselves to that vast ocean of possibilities that, if we looked beyond ourselves, is available to us in this world. But the story doesn’t end just there for we believe that any learning process is not complete without internalizing and relating what has been shown to you. And that happens through experiencing, getting your hands dirty, and then together with a group of people or community, understanding it and making sense of it for yourself.


Public space Interventions

We believe meaningful conversations and dialogue should not be limited to closed spaces. We want more and more people to have the experience of a real, authentic conversation with people they know and even strangers on a street or a marketplace. We design and create safe, authentic spaces in public spaces which could be about having important but personal conversations around gender, identities, active citizenship or just a playful space where people connect with strangers through silly and innovative games and activities. Here, public spaces include market spaces, malls, streets, parks, festivals and fairs, etc. the activities in these spaces could be expressions walls, mapping on large maps, poetry and personal storytelling, skill based workshops, art installations, etc. In the past, we have manifested this vision (a) as a social campaign for Oxfam around creating awareness around the gap between genders in our country, (b) an exploration of what 'Heritage' and 'Culture' means for the citizens of the city of Chandigarh (as part of the Chandigarh heritage festival), and (c) a nonsense corner with ridiculously silly but fun acivities for people of all ages at the Chandigarh Carnival.

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