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We facilitate spaces that enable people to have more meaningful and authentic conversations and have efficient dialogue. We facilitate ideation, community meetings, conferences and seminars, and participatory decision making processes.

As facilitators, we act like gleaners; be it ideas, stories or Aha! moments, we listen, glean and bring it back to you for a bigger picture that connects the dots. Our processes are participatory, interactive and empathetic, inviting everyone to drop their barriers and to deeply listen, to each other and to their own selves. We are trained in facilitation techniques like the Art of Hosting, InterPlay and empathetic facilitation.

Some of the organisations and companies with whom we've worked in the past are: Oxfam, UN volunteers, Jaipur Rugs, Green Curry Design, YES! and India Youth Jam (founding member), People for Parity, Ryan International School, Ryat and Bahra University, PGIMR (Chandigarg), Wisdom Walk Udaipur, Innov8 co-working, Chandigarh.

To know more about some of these projects please go to our page, Past Projects.

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