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In times like these that make us feel overwhelmed and helpless maybe it’s time to look within for the good, in order to have the strength to create the world we want to see?


About Interplay

Interplay is an active, creative way to unlock the wisdom of the body. This art form has been practiced for over 30 years now around the world and we bring you a small un-tensive capsule experience of it in 2 days. In these days together, we will play with various forms like stories, voice, stillness, movement etc. You won't be just sitting and listening. Its an interactive form where each one of us participates with our own unique selves and our creativity. Read more about InterPlay at

Some possible impacts of Interplay:

  • InterPlay helps people find themselves, slow down and be more lighthearted.

  • Using movement, voice, story and stillness InterPlay supports mindfulness and joy in the present moment.

  • Interplay helps to build authentic relationships and connections.

  • It also connects one to their bodies and help get access to immense wisdom of our bodies

Who is it for:

  • If you are a recovering serious person and are looking for finding joy and playful creativity and curiosity

  • If you are looking to release tension, stress, heaviness that you might be experiencing in these times of global pandemic

  • If you are wanting to connect to people in a deeper way

Workshop Details
30th and 31st May, Saturday and Sunday
11am-12.30pm and 4.30-6.00pm IST
3 hours each day

Contribution- Rs 500 (Please write us expressing your need for financial support)

If you have questions or want to understand more about the workshop please feel free to call us at +919650118376 or +919582870628 or email us at

If you wish a trial before you sign up, join us on one of our 1 hour 'Playing with Possibilities' sessions on Wednesday and Saturdays. Read more here


About Facilitators
Sukhmani uses theatre, clowning, body wisdom practices and my skills as an empathetic facilitator to assist others in releasing shame and practice self acceptance. She first experienced InterPlay in 2014 when she participated in one of InterPlay’s program in California. She has been leading InterPLay ever since. She believes practices like interplay are powerful entry points for moving through conflict and connecting with your own sense of magic, moving from scarceness to abundance. She works with children, young adults, working professionals, communities and organisations. She runs Purple Mangoes, a company of facilitators who call themselves experience builders, gleaners and artists.

Vibhuti is a self taught, self explored artist. She loves to learn new skills and express herself creatively. Yoga and knitting are her latest obsessions. She experienced Interplay through Sukhmani while learning Clowning and participated in Arts and Social Change for Millennial Leaders in 2018. She works and facilitates with Youth Alliance, an organization aimed to nurture inner awareness, leadership and service in youth. She has been using Interplay in her work for over two years now and continues to bring the connection of our minds to our bodies to all the youth she works with.

Register by 28th May'20.

It has  been fun doing InterPlay with Sukhmani and Vibhuti. During lockdown, it has helped me to be with myself with ease and joy."

-Gurcharan Singh Chani

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